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Blackberry Kush Medical Marijuana
The Blackberry Kush marijuana Strain is well known for its scent and flavor. The scent is conspicuously sweet akin to berries, with a sharp Kush hint. The flavor is definitely sweet with a smooth inhale and heady exhale. Most medical marijuana patients prefer this strain to others just based on the ..
Blue Dream Marijuana
Blue Dream Marijuana begins with a light, smooth, floral and fruity inhale, with a undertone of blueberry, and a pleasant spiciness on exhale. This medication is ideal for the daytime user who wants to enjoy a few hours of dreamlike, yet upbeat serenity. Very dreamy, euphoric high. Light and fruity..
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Blueberry Medical Marijuana
Blueberry Marijuana  produces a lovely joyous high that is long lasting and tastes just like blueberry. The Blueberry bud smells like spicy lemon and earth. Its smell is very similar to pure gold. The taste is like burnt leaves at campfire. This strain provides a good vigor boost with a fairly..
Bubba Kush Medical Marijuana
The Bubba Kush Marijuana Strain has a very finite sweet and hashy taste when grown and cured correctly. It truly is a special treat to the oral senses and remains on the pallet for many minutes. Bubba Kush marijuana strain gives a powerful calming high. Also, its superior medicinal qualities are ve..
Buy AK-47 Medical Marijuana (1 oz)
AK-47 Marijuana is known for its extremely strong potency and pungent smell, ranking as one of the most well known contemporary strains in the world. While AK-47 is considered a Sativa Dominant hybrid, it also has a substantial Indica presence, giving it a balanced head and body high. The buzz ..
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Buy Big Bud Medical Marijuana (1 oz)
Big Bud Marijuana smoke has a soft herb taste and very gentle smoke that has sweet and spicy flavor. The Big Bud has a rather mellow beginning, not a very strong buzz that lasts for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Big Bud marijuana strain helps medical marijuana patients with stomach pains and nausea and is ..
Buy Black Jack Medical Marijuana (1 oz)
The smoke from the Black Jack Marijuana Strain is heavy and flavorful, and produces an exceptionally long-lasting high. Blackjack produces very thick smoke. Although not an overpowering or “strong” taste, this strain covers the palate with flavors of very tasty grape and “sour wine;” leaving a lip l..
Chemdawg Marijuana
Naturally, Chemdawg Marijuana provides a rush of energy that instantly overtakes your head; typical of any Sour Diesel smoke session. The big difference between Chemdawg and Sour Diesel however, is that Chemdawg has an additional (strong) body-melt generated from OG Kush in its genetics. This tends ..
Chernobyl Marijuana
Chernobyl Marijuana is an impressive strain that is a cross of Trainwreck, Trinity X, and Jack the Ripper. The buds from Chernobyl are typically very dense, and even small nugs tend to be heavy. The flavor of this strain has been likened to the taste of limeade. The high is a nice combination of Tr..
Death Star Medical Marijuana
Death Star Marijuana Strain is a well balanced Sativa and Indica hybrid.A Death Star marijuana strain high is mind dulling, depending on the tolerance of the smoker. This strain has an uplifting and motivational quality and is helpful in relieving anxiety, appetite, nausea, and pain in medical marij..
Durban Poison Medical Marijuana
Durban Poison Marijuana Strain is a pure Sativa strain famous for the quick high. It is also widely known for the elevated high without any fatigue or body effects. The strain is favored by medical marijuana patients for day time use to help them reduce anxiety and stress levels. Which of course..
Dutch Treat Marijuana
Dutch Treat Marijuana Strain is an incredible Indica Dominant hybrid. Dutch Treat marijuana strain is a distinctive hybrid to medicate with. Smoking this weed spreads a warm sensation in the body from head to toes making you feel very floaty. Some medical marijuana patients say that this strain ..