Dear customer,

Find a simplified and comprehensive guide on how to order below;

Step 1

Check the product you want to order. If you don't find the product you want to order on the site, send an email or text us and we will provide you details.

(Please note that the minimum order quantity  is STRICTLY considered and so any order less than the  specified minimum order will NOT be processed. The minimum order quantity must be equal to $150. The only exceptions are for client’s desiring to mix and match their order, in which case, they will be expected to kindly send their desired mixed order request directly to for processing. Nevertheless,all such mixed orders must sum up to a minimum value of $150 worth)

Step 2

After deciding which product you want carefully compose a message to us or text us the name of the product and the quantity you need. Please respect minimum amount of $150. Also state the exact delivery address.

Step 3

After step 2, when we receive your email or text message we shall provide you with payment details ( ONLY WESTERN UNION AND MONEY GRAM ) and your address once more for you to confirm before proceeding to do the payment. Your address is the precise address where your order will be delivered and it could be a house address, office address or Post Box as the case may be.

Step 4

When you effect payment, send the receipt as proof of payment so that we proceed with shipping your order. Regular delivery is free. However, charges may be applicable for more speedy deliveries as the case may be. Due to the delicate nature of the products to be delivered, we are in a better place to decide on the delivery method which will lead to safe and successful delivery without jeopardizing your privacy. We therefore suggest that you let us determine this with our expertise and experience. Nevertheless, if you have any particular preferences or any other peculiarity which may need special attention, simply inform us via email or text message.